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Confirmation has been received from the Marine Corps that a US fighter jet has gone down in the vicinity of a military base in California.

The crash involving an F/A-18 Hornet jet occurred shortly before midnight local time on Thursday, close to Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, situated about 15 miles (24km) away from San Diego.

The well-being of the pilot remains uncertain at this time, while ongoing search and rescue operations are actively underway.

Initiation of an official investigation into the incident has been announced by the Marine Corps.

In an official statement released on Friday morning, Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Miramar specified that the crash site is situated on government property to the east of the base.

Assurances have been given that there are no indications of any damage to property on the ground, as underscored in the base’s official statement.

Teams and a helicopter dispatched by the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department are collaborating in the search effort, as per reports from NBC News.

MCAS Miramar serves as the base for the 3rd Marine Corps Aircraft Wing. Although the aircraft involved in the crash is not directly affiliated with this unit, it was operating from this facility.

Further updates will be provided as they become available, as emphasized by MCAS Miramar in their official statement.

F/A-18 Hornet jets, versatile all-weather fighter and attack aircraft, are utilized by both the Marine Corps and the US Navy.

These aircraft first became operational with the Marines in 1983, followed by the Navy in the subsequent year.

Recalling prior incidents, in 2012, a Navy F/A-18 crashed into a residential complex in Virginia Beach, Virginia, resulting in injuries to seven individuals.

Additionally, four years earlier in 2008, an F/A-18 based at Miramar crashed into a residential area in San Diego, claiming four lives on the ground. Fortunately, the pilot ejected and survived the ordeal.

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