Mortal Kombat 1 – Official Jean-Claude Van Damme Trailer

Mortal Kombat fans, get ready for some exciting news! In the latest trailer for Mortal Kombat 1, we catch a glimpse of Jean-Claude Van Damme taking on the iconic role of Johnny Cage. But that’s not all – there’s a lot more in store for fans of this legendary fighting game.

Jean-Claude Van Damme Skin for Johnny Cage

Starting from launch day, you’ll have the chance to play as Johnny Cage with a Jean-Claude Van Damme skin. This exciting addition allows you to step into the shoes of this martial arts legend and bring his charisma to the Mortal Kombat arena.

The Kombat Pack: New Characters and More

But the surprises don’t stop there. Mortal Kombat 1 comes with a Kombat Pack that brings a wave of new content:

1. New Playable Characters (Available Post-Launch)

  • Quan Chi
  • Ermac
  • Takeda Takahashi
  • Peacemaker
  • Omni-Man
  • Homelander

These characters will be available for download after the game’s initial release, expanding the roster and giving you even more combat options.

2. Five New Kameo Fighters (Available Post-Launch)

Mortal Kombat 1 also introduces five new Kameo Fighters, further diversifying your gameplay experience. Like the new playable characters, these Kameo Fighters will become available after the game’s launch.

Release Date and Platforms

Mark your calendars because Mortal Kombat 1 will be hitting the gaming world on September 14, 2023. You can enjoy the action on various platforms, including:

  • PlayStation 5
  • Xbox Series X/S
  • Nintendo Switch
  • PC (Steam and Epic Games Store)

Get ready to embrace the fight and see Jean-Claude Van Damme as Johnny Cage in action like never before!

Can I play as Jean-Claude Van Damme’s Johnny Cage from the start?

Yes, the Jean-Claude Van Damme skin for Johnny Cage will be available right from the game’s launch.

When can I access the new playable characters and Kameo Fighters in Mortal Kombat 1?

You can look forward to playing as Quan Chi, Ermac, Takeda Takahashi, Peacemaker, Omni-Man, Homelander, and the five new Kameo Fighters after the game’s initial release.

What platforms will Mortal Kombat 1 be available on?

Mortal Kombat 1 will be available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC (Steam and Epic Games Store) starting September 14, 2023.

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