Sean Penn Believes the 2022 Oscars Slapgate Could Have Been Avoided

Sean Penn, renowned actor and filmmaker, is gearing up for the premiere of his latest documentary, ‘Superpower,’ scheduled for September 18, 2023. During the promotional rounds, Penn expressed his views on the infamous 2022 Oscars slapgate incident involving Will Smith and Chris Rock. He believes that this entire incident could have been prevented if Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, had been allowed to speak at the Oscars ceremony.

Why Sean Penn Thinks the Slapgate Could Have Been Avoided

In an interview with Variety, Sean Penn elaborated on his perspective. He pointed out that the decision to prevent Zelenskiy from speaking was a pivotal moment that contributed to the unfortunate altercation. According to Penn, the Oscars producers hesitated, thinking Zelenskiy wasn’t “light-hearted enough” for the event, ultimately leading to Will Smith’s involvement in the altercation.

The Consequences of the Decision

Sean Penn emphasized that things would have taken a different turn if Zelenskiy had been given the opportunity to speak. In his opinion, Will Smith, renowned for his acting prowess, would not have left his seat to engage in the altercation. Penn concluded that such a display of violence could have been avoided altogether.


Why wasn’t Volodymyr Zelenskiy allowed to speak at the Oscars?

Sean Penn suggests that the Oscars producers considered Zelenskiy too serious for the event, which led to his exclusion.

What were Sean Penn’s thoughts on Will Smith’s involvement in the altercation?

Penn didn’t personally know Will Smith well but praised his acting skills, particularly in ‘King Richard.’ However, he believes the situation would have been different if Zelenskiy had been present.

Has Sean Penn been involved in similar altercations in the past?

Yes, in 1987, at the age of 26, Sean Penn was sentenced to 60 days in jail for an altercation on the set of ‘Colors.’ He has faced charges for altercations on multiple occasions.

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