Shocking Incident: Parents and Aunt Arrested After Baby in the US Attacked by Rats

A disturbing incident unfolded in Indiana, USA, where a 6-month-old baby boy suffered a horrifying ordeal, enduring over 50 rat bites while he slept in his crib. The shocking incident occurred on September 13, leading to the arrest of the child’s parents, David and Angel Schonabaum, along with the child’s aunt, Delania Thurman. This article delves into the harrowing details of the incident, the arrests, and the condition of the baby.

A Terrifying Discovery: On that fateful day, the baby’s father made a frantic call to the Evansville Police Department, reporting that his infant son had sustained severe bite wounds. When officers arrived at the home, they were met with a gruesome scene. The 6-month-old was covered in blood, with over 50 bite wounds on his head and face. The injuries were so severe that some of his fingers were missing flesh, exposing fingertip bones.

Arrests and Charges: David and Angel Schonabaum, along with their live-in aunt, Delania Thurman, faced immediate arrest on multiple counts of neglect and other criminal charges in connection with the incident. The authorities took swift action, apprehending the individuals responsible for the horrifying state of the baby boy.

Baby’s Medical Condition: The infant was transported to an Indianapolis hospital, where doctors faced the daunting task of treating his injuries. His temperature had plummeted to a dangerously low 93.5 degrees, necessitating a blood transfusion. This significant drop in body temperature and the severity of the injuries indicated that the baby had suffered moderate hypothermia and hypoxemia.

Harrowing Living Conditions: Adding to the distressing situation, the baby’s home was described as cluttered and filled with trash and rat feces. According to reports, the family had been grappling with a rodent issue since March, and exterminators from Terminix were attempting to address the problem. Shockingly, it was revealed that this was not the first time rodents had attacked children in the home, as earlier in September, two other kids reported being bitten by mice while they slept.

Alarming Oversight: Alarmingly, when the Indiana Department of Child Services visited the home after the initial report of rodent bites, the mother denied the severity of the issue and the wounds on one child’s feet. The department discussed a safety plan with the family but returned just one day after the baby was attacked by rats.

Child Protection Measures: In light of these distressing events, all children in the home have been removed from their parents’ care by the Department of Child Services. David Schonabaum, the baby’s father, has been jailed without bond, while his wife faces a $10,000 bond. Delania Thurman, the aunt, remains in jail on a $2,500 bond, facing two counts of neglect of a dependent.

Conclusion: This shocking incident serves as a painful reminder of the importance of child safety and the need for vigilant oversight in situations that could endanger children. As the legal proceedings unfold, the focus remains on the well-being and recovery of the infant who endured this horrifying ordeal.

What led to the arrest of the baby’s parents and aunt in this distressing incident?

The parents and aunt were arrested due to their alleged neglect and involvement in the incident where the 6-month-old baby suffered over 50 rat bites while sleeping in his crib.

What actions were taken to address the alarming living conditions at the baby’s home, including the rodent infestation?

Child protection measures were implemented, and all children in the home were removed from their parents’ care by the Department of Child Services. Exterminators were also attempting to address the rodent issue.

How is the baby’s medical condition and recovery progressing after the traumatic incident?

The baby received medical treatment, including a blood transfusion, to address his injuries and low body temperature. Updates on his recovery and well-being are essential for concerned individuals.

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